The smart way to manage your Wi-Fi network.

You can unlock additional IQMAX+ parental control and security features for only $3.99 per month.

Parental Control Features

Are you concerned about your children seeing inappropriate content online? Block entire categories of content like pornography or violence, or specific applications or websites.

Are you concerned about how much time your children are spending on apps or games? Get insight and set time limits to create healthier routines and enforce boundaries.

Are you worried about what your kids might accidentally see on YouTube? Set the Safe Search and YouTube feature to block harmful content on Google, Bing, and YouTube.

Are you tired of battling for bandwidth? Prioritize application groups (like work apps during the day or streaming apps in the evening) or devices (like your work laptop) to make sure the most important devices have dedicated bandwidth.

Security Features

Do you worry about the security of your connected devices? IQMAX+ protects ALL of the devices in your network, including computers and SmartHome devices (virus protection solutions like Norton or McAfee don’t protect everything and you can’t install virus protection on a Nest Thermostat or Ring Doorbell).

Are you tired of installing virus protection updates? IQMAX+ updates every single week, automatically protecting every connected device in your home. No manual update required.

Did you know hackers can push into your home network through unprotected connected devices? Devices like Amazon Echo, Nest, security cameras, and even our phones are constantly pushing data back to the Cloud. Hackers are constantly looking to steal this information, but with Intrusion Prevention Settings you can rest assured that IQMAX+ is constantly monitoring the traffic in your network to block intrusions and threats.

Create profile; add name and image
Add/remove devices to each profile
Manually turn a profile off or on
Schedule offline times – all days
Schedule offline times by individual day
Filter content by category
Filter content by application (allow or block)
Filter content by website (allow or block)
View approximate usage per profile
Receive notifications
Add time limit to application per day
Enable/disable Safe Search
Enable/disable YouTube Restriction
Content filter VPN/Proxy